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For individuals, organisations, communities and social systems to flourish it is essential to have meaning – something that gives our endeavours a sense of purpose and satisfies our human need for belonging. These are the two questions I seek to address through my work:

  • How do we work, lead, follow and organise ourselves in this particular context right now?
  • How do we infuse our lives more regularly with that ‘something special’ that we’ve all experienced in certain situations?

As human beings, once our survival needs are met, we search for meaning and purpose in our lives. We’re social animals and part of the natural kingdom. For the survival of our species it is necessary to collaborate and to minimise unhealthy competition. We usually know and recognise this in our personal lives. What about at work? Can we afford to separate our ‘work life’ from who we truly are, the deepest expression of our humanity?


A ‘crisis of trust’ is frequently mentioned as part of the reason for the breakdown of systems. However, trust is not created in a vacuum. It is often described as an ‘emergent state’ – trust is created and built because the environment we operate in fulfils certain conditions. I help people design and build the environment that enables a greater realisation of human potential. With trusted partners who are experts in their fields, we cover a range of personal and organisational development areas.

In the work that I do certain key pillars have taken centre stage. After exploring many different avenues and schools of thought over the years, I have chosen to work with approaches and methodologies that are deeply resonant with my own core values. I also believe these approaches add the most value to the clients I serve.  So, here are the four pillars of what I offer through Passionfruit Coaching Ltd in service of personal & organisational excellence. They are:

  1. Ethical Leadership
  2. High Performing Teams
  3. Intercultural Capability
  4. Coaching: Executive, Team, Personal

Here you can read more about Ethical Leadership and about my partnership with the Decisions Trust. Please bear with me while this website is updated over the coming weeks and months!


Ethical leadership is a model of leadership that argues that leaders focus not only on ensuring that groups are effective but also on orienting groups towards goals that are socially responsible and grounded in moral values.

Moral values that are lived, breathed and communicated internally and externally enable organisations to thrive. This acts as a glue that brings people together in service of a greater good. Their vision is beyond the next quarter’s profits.

There are many approaches to developing ethics, character and judgment. The one I’ve chosen to work with is the ethicability® model, developed by Professor Roger Steare, FRSA, of Cass Business School. This methodology includes an ethical decision-making and cultural framework that provides a valuable compass point. I came across Roger’s work in 2010 and have been a member of the eCP – the Ethicability Community of Practice – since its inception in 2012. I find this a highly effective, engaging and pragmatic way of helping people

To understand more about your moral values and decision making preferences, please take the Moral DNA test at – it is free for personal use. You’ll receive a personalised profile. Your personal details are safe – used only for ongoing research data, never for marketing and never, ever sold.

The research base of the MoralDNA™ psychometric now stands at over 80,000 people from over 200 countries. MoralDNA™ helps organisations map the values and assess the culture and integrity of its employees, offering an objective analysis of decision-making styles. This shows up areas of behavioural risk; and offers insights into mitigating them.

The ethicability® approach is now used successfully in several companies across the world. Its key benefits are that it:

  1. It offers a base for pragmatic, profitable and principled management of a business for sustainable success.
  2. Endorsed by: the SFO (UK Serious Fraud Office) as significantly demonstrating the ‘adequate measures’ required by the Bribery Act 2010. The UK Financial Conduct Authority and the US Department of Justice have also endorsed its effectiveness to change cultures and behaviours positively.
  3. Goes beyond a box-ticking, compliance led approach. Character drives behaviour, and character can be developed positively in the right social context.
  4. The extensive research base of the MoralDNA™ means that your organisation can be benchmarked in your specific sector, showing you where your strengths and challenges lie.
  5. Improving board governance: McKinsey Global Survey results (August 2013) show that Directors struggle with risk management. This is an area where ethicability® has proven highly effective – through enabling better decision making processes, raising accountability and helping leaders take a multi-stakeholder perspective.

Here is a link to PriceWaterhouseCooper’s paper on Trust, which draws significantly on ethicability® research

At the end of a recent workshop on ethicability® participants said:

  • It had been an insightful, useful and very interesting session
  • How energising it was to do something different with a different group of people
  • It was a rare thing to stop, think and talk about what’s right even though it is so important to us
  • The discussions and the framework clarified some of our ethical dilemmas.

Here are some participants – senior leaders in the healthcare sector – at the end of a Corporate Governance workshop that used the ethicability® framework as its core. They share their actions and commitments using the RIGHT decision-making framework at the heart of ethicability®.

This ethical framework can be used in highly bespoke ways to embed and sustain behaviour change within an organisation.


Better decision-making is a critical factor in governance, leadership and sustainability. I am proud to be working with the Decisions Trust to address this specific area using a broad mix of highly relevant ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ disciplines within a specialist team.

Many organisations focus exclusively on hard, physically measurable data to make decisions, frequently focusing purely on financial criteria. Measurable data is appropriate for assessing simple, rational situations. However for more complex situations, more evidence (including stories, perceptions and emotions) improves decisions.  With multiple stakeholders involved it is highly probable that the information will be incomplete, conflicting and coloured by individual and group objectives.

The Decisions Trust enables organisations to collect and understand this wider, intangible evidence leading to better-informed, widely focused, and more optimal decisions. A key outcome of the Decision Trust’s work is enabling more assured decision-making.

Please contact me for more details and a no-obligations conversation. Your success is truly our success – onwards & upwards!



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